As a gift to my collectors and followers of my work I am offering a VERY special release valid til August 31st.

A beautiful, signed artwork, valued at $5000 for only $490 AUD.

The dramatic artwork draws attention to the plight of humanity. A touch of nostalgia for Emma and her love of 'The Sound of Music' featuring the national flower of Austria, where this beautiful artwork is to be launched July 27th at the Klagenfurt Town Hall as part of the World Body Painting Festival Program.

‘Edelweiss’ features Emma's muse looking over the Alps with the Edelweiss flower that grows in these harsh conditions.  A peaceful utopia as nature is and should continue to be.

As with most of Emma's works, the background is hand-painted on canvas.  The model stands in front of her canvas artwork, while she body paints her muse to match her surrounds.This artwork was created over 10hrs application and photography. Using the camera position as her guide, Emma works free-hand, no stencils or projections are used in the creation of this work, The butterflies featured are natural. Emma then photographs the final result.

10% from the sales of this artwork will be donated to charity.

‘I do hope you take this second opportunity to own a beautiful piece of my work and treasure it for the years to come’

Emma Hack