Mother Gaia - Owl of the Woods
Mother Gaia - Owl of the Woods
Mother Gaia - Owl of the Woods
Mother Gaia - Owl of the Woods
Mother Gaia - Owl of the Woods
Mother Gaia - Owl of the Woods
Mother Gaia - Owl of the Woods

Mother Gaia - Owl of the Woods

Regular price $490.00 AUD

Emma Hack’s 30th Anniversary Edition II


‘Owl of the Woods'

This is Emma Hack's 30 year Anniversary of her first body painting, a true pioneer of the art form we see today. As a gift to collectors and followers of her work she is offering a second, VERY special release valid until Wednesday July 29th, 2020.

A beautiful, signed artwork, valued at over $5400 for only $490 AUD.

Emma's muse rests within dark woods, Light streams through a path in the distance, a Barn Owl rests on her hand looking up at her in curiosity.

This artwork was body painted over 13 hrs application and is a dramatic 'blend' of her muse into her hand-painted background. The installation was then photographed by Emma for the final result.

'Thank you to all my friends, fans and family that helped me along my journey I do hope you take the opportunity to own this iconic, beautiful piece of my work to add to your collection and treasure it for the years to come’

Emma Hack


The artwork

Size:  70 x 55cm (includes 5cm white border)

Pigment print on archival ‘Photo Rag’

Open edition until ‘sold out’.

The offer expires Wednesday July 29th at midnight.  The edition is then recorded as ‘sold out’.

The final total will be announced and your edition number will be notified.  Your edition number will be based on when you order, in order of received payments.  Please do not ask for a particular edition number, thank you.

Delivery charges apply, pick up is available directly from the printer in Kent Town SA (select 'Pick up from Gallery at checkout if you wish to do so), you will be notified when printed and signed, ready for pick up.

All prints will be available within 3 weeks after the auction ends Wednesday July 29th, you will be notified when your artwork is on its way!


About Emma Hack editions

Emma's larger works from this collection are limited to only 10 editions, over 3 sizes. Prices starting for a similar size are from $5400 and are extremely collectable with only a few ever able to collect them.

'I understand it is very difficult for everybody that follows and loves my works to collect my work due to my price structure. Emma Hack’s 30th Anniversary Edition ‘Phoenix Rising' is only available to order online prior to Monday 11th May, 2020 at midnight. The final edition number will be tallied based on final sales and then will be ‘sold out’ in this size.  The artwork will then be expertly printed using the finest quality archival ‘photo rag’ paper, stamped with my seal and hand signed editon.'

Emma Hack


Lay-by Terms

Choose ‘Bank Deposit’ on checkout.
Make a deposit of $150 on order.
Pay off your artwork in full by Wednesday July 29th, 2020

Please email Emma with your order number and payments as they are made, thank you:


Framing ideas

I recommend taking your artwork straight to the framer, the artwork is wrapped in acid free tissue paper which will prevent the paper from discolouration, however it's not a permanent storage solution.  I usually frame in a white box frame, float mounting the archival photo rag.  There are many options for framing so please discuss this with your framer for options that suit you and your home. 


Adelaide based framer Atkins Pro Lab will frame your artwork in my suggested float mounted frame in white at $350, please email them with your order number to arrange directly:

* special framing offer available til 30th July, 2020