EMMA HACK’s newest photographic body artworks COLLAGE feature multi-layers of personal iPhone photos from Emma’s travels. Nature abounds with sentimental moments and a connection to place with images that would otherwise remain in digital form, never to be viewed otherwise, kept on a laptop or phone.

The artworks resulting from this collection are fresh, dreamy landscapes, layered with unique imagery and texture. It is also a return to the blend for Emma with her models fading into the environments in which they interact with, sometimes exposed with pattern, or skin.

The works evoke a sense of playfulness with Emma’s personality shining through.

COLLAGE opens discussion about what happens to the thousands of images stored in the cloud or other devices, why do we hold them, how can they be dear to us if we never print them, is this part of our continuous disposable lifestyle or it there something we can do to treasure these moment more?

Accompanying Emma’s editions will be originals of each background work, collaged with the female form, a first chance to own an original artwork, only available from Emma Hack Gallery.