GEN Z 2015

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GEN Z evolves fearlessly from Emma Hack’s well-known style of body art illusion to highly detailed, delicate, embroidered portraits.

GEN Z is a generation of highly educated, technologically savvy, innovative thinkers they look for solutions on their own.  Open-minded and adaptable, they are the first generation born into a digital worldEmma Hack’s new works consider the possibility of how GEN Z will impact the future of our world and beyond.

10 highly collectable, beautifully presented, one of a kind artworks exhibited as three collections exploring the themes of Elements’, ‘ConnectionandManipulated Memories’.

Photography, Pigment Print on Cotton, Japanese Silk Hand Embroidery  97cm x 130cm

Hanging alongside these covetable works are 50 individual smaller counterparts at an affordable price point, collectable for all ages, introducing the muse of the collection to art collecting.  

These works are created individually with small bespoke silk threads enhancing their beauty.  Limited works remaining.

GEN Z Diffusion                    Pigment Print on Cotton ,Silk Thread 26.5x19cm


The BurnOf Stars Ignite My vision           
My Troubles Flow Into The Swelling Sea  
Towards Dusk I Look To The Air For Guidance   


Folded Pastime  
Rock me in your hands 
Threaded Memories