We Stopped to Smell the Roses - Collage - Beautiful Simplicity

We Stopped to Smell the Roses - Collage - Beautiful Simplicity

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We Stopped to Smell the Roses - Collage - Beautiful Simplicity

Acrylic on canvas background detail, gifted pressed flowers, etched perspex, gifted words

Charcoal frame

Unique edition - 40 x 40cm

gifted words…


All too often we can see something utterly beautiful in its simplicity, and take it for granted without even registering its existence. A fallen leaf, dancing in the breeze as it gets whipped up and skips along the ground doing cartwheels… a burst of light breaking through from behind the clouds to make a rain shower glisten like small gems as they fall from the sky.


EMMA HACK is an Australian artist working in the unique medium of body paint installation and photography. Exhibiting extensively throughout Australia since 1999, Emma’s astounding artworks have since captured the attention of collectors and art lovers worldwide.

Emma has received great acclaim for her refined body paint camouflage technique; through a combination of painting on canvas, body painting and studio-based photography, her work evokes a rich array of visual narrative and magical realism.

Best known for her Wallpaper series (2005-2013)- in which she painstakingly camouflaged the human form by hand painting her models into the remarkable designs of the late Florence Broadhurst. Emma Hack’s diverse artwork collections draw inspiration from the unique Australian flora and fauna, as well as Oriental influences and expanding to fine embroidered portraits.

Emma Hack’s collaboration with Grammy award winning musician Gotye resulted in the iconic, award winning music video for Somebody That I Used to Know, which has been viewed by over a Billion people worldwide, raising her profile in the US, UK and Europe. Emma has since worked on major artistic commissions for luxury brands and the artistic community including her 'Madame Hanoi’ portrait, currently the largest body art mural in the world, standing at 8m in height, gracing the walls of Celebrity Chef, Nic Watt’s restaurant of the same name in Adelaide.

Emma Hack opened her own, flagship gallery and studio in North Adelaide, re-launching in the center of Adelaide throughout 2018. Emma's work is held in numerous private and corporate collections globally.


WhatsApp +61411460233