JA ARNOTT - A Walk In The Countryside

JA ARNOTT - A Walk In The Countryside

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Title                A walk in the countryside

Size                 39cm x 46cm

Medium          Oil on canvas

JA Arnott is the creator of a magical world which can be seen in her “gallerie amuse” (gallery of amusements). The creatures of her world are telling us wonderful stories of their reality, a world quite like ours but with lost boundaries between land and water, blurring the differences between animals and humans. This special world is created for them to exist together, the tiniest mouse and the bemused rabbit, share their joys and sorrows. Despite the difference from our world they are still recognizable to us, their characters amuse us, and perhaps we can see ourselves in their quirky and wistful demeanors.

Inspired by stories and imaginings of her own childhood, long periods of illness spent in bed, coupled with a deep love of stories, always drawing, creating imaginary worlds with books as walls, blankets as hills and valleys, and is to this day an inveterate daydreamer. The finished art is usually fully imagined and then worked backwards to create the desired image. Friends and family are co-opted into posing, so the wheelbarrow becomes a teacup and a draped quilt becomes an elf’s gossamer butterfly-wing gown.

JA Arnott was born in Adelaide, South Australia in 1960. The “gallerie amuse” practice was opened in 2015, with works most recently winning the Mitcham Art Prize in 2015 and a finalist in both the 2016 and 2017 Emma Hack Art Prize. Studying Graphic Design in her 20’s, with a special interest in typography and illustration, Julie went on to direct “Gallery One in Adelaide, and since handing over the reigns maintains her art practice at Nairne, in the Adelaide Hills. She also paints portraits for commission and renders numerous works in graphite.