Grey Bowl 2 fish
Grey Bowl 2 fish

Grey Bowl 2 fish

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Grey Bowl 2 fish 

This body of work “Pesce” is Latin for fish, it embodies life in art and has been years in the making, developing techniques that captures light and shadow. This method uses many fine delicate layers of paint on resin, which acts as the building blocks of coloured structure to create the three dimensional organic life like effect.

Artist: Joanne Villani
Title: Grey bowl 2 fish
Size: 17 cm

JOANNE VILLANI - Fish in a bowl

Nothing in China is taken for granted. Every step, every design, and decoration is carefully considered before taking form in reality.  
Chinese people assign meaning to everything; from how the chopsticks are left at he end of a meal, to the inclusion of fish filled water in many places.  Walking around China you cannot help but notice fish are everywhere. You don’t have to go far to find some water feature included in most Chinese places, and quite often there resides a fishy friend or two in most peoples homes. This all comes down to good Feng Shui.  

It is believed having knowledge of the natural energies in life can bring good fortune and harmony to a person, hence the Koi fish are the symbol of good fortune, over all of Asia.  As fish seem to bring good energy I decided to harness that in my art work, developing a technique of painting Koi fish in layers between clear resin, to create a life like three dimensional image of a gold fish swimming in water. This journey took many years to develop, which now brings you this collective of work.

Joanne is now showing her works across Australia and many parts of Asia. She is a successful artist with over 25 years of experience. She has had quite a few sold-out exhibitions over the years, and has traveled with her art extensively.