FRANCESCA NARNI - Zen And The Art Of The Green Tea Mochi

FRANCESCA NARNI - Zen And The Art Of The Green Tea Mochi

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Title:               Zen And The Art Of The Green Tea Mochi

Size                 50 x 65cm

Medium          Oil on linen

I like to paint in oils. My work is mostly figurative, with a realist/magic realist style that explores narratives surrounding my own personal relationship to nature, animals and themes in my daily life. I am curious to let my subconscious provide ideas, scenarios and allow intuition to be my guide.  

The journey of my art practice since graduating continues to grow and evolve. It is a relationship that allows me to learn about myself in the world. It gives me peace and tranquility, but also challenges me. It is messy, exciting and it is difficult, my patience tested often. It takes time, and is never something I can rush, as ideas and feelings come when they come, and they only seem to hide when pressured or analyzed.

I work slowly, painting in layers and with attention to colour and detail. I enjoy the richness and depth that oil paint provides.

Themes that often seem to emerge in my paintings are my relationships with nature, with animals, domestic life, my body and sometimes dream-states or imaginings. Sometimes both the real and imagined merge to become a “new real”.  I work from my own photographs and sometimes other source imagery to create collages, which I then paint.

I am hoping to explore and expand more on themes of identity through tapping into my subconscious in future developing paintings. I am both nervous and curious to see what will be uncovered.