EMMA HACK BODY ART IN THE GARDEN - Sunday 26th February 12.15pm - 12.30pm
EMMA HACK BODY ART IN THE GARDEN - Sunday 26th February 12.15pm - 12.30pm

EMMA HACK BODY ART IN THE GARDEN - Sunday 26th February 12.15pm - 12.30pm

Regular price $75.00 AUD

your opportunity to be painted by Emma Hack

Emma will be at ‘FOUND at the Garden’ for 10 days @ The Garden of Unearthly Delights 2017

‘I love the fun at the garden, this is a chance to join in and look the part with fun additions to your chosen outfit.  Make a night of it heading out afterwards with your friends...

There are also quite a few of you that have always wanted to be painted by me, here’s your chance!'


Bookings can be made in single or multiples of 15 minutes at $75 each.  Just add the amount of sessions in co-inciding times to your cart!


(please come with make-up on - should you wish for a makeup application by an assistant, let me know in your notes when booking and I will send you a quote)

15 min            decorated face OR arm
30 min            decorated décolletage (suggest strapless top)
45 mins           front torso OR back/ face and décolletage
1 hr                 front torso OR back/ face and décolletage - extra detail
2 hrs                full torso
3hrs                 full torso - detailed
4hrs                 full body
5hrs                 full body - more detailed

* email me if you have an idea but not sure how long it will take! emma@emmahackartist.com

* remember the longer it takes, the more detailed I can be…

* boob tubes, nipple stickers or lace, bikini tops, mini’s, short shorts are advisable if you request more coverage 



By booking this sitting, you acknowledge that you are welcome to photograph your artwork.  
You agree that this sitting is for personal use only, the photographs are not to be sold or reproduced for any commercial purpose.



*          add-ons require 24 hrs+ prior notice - they may be attached by an assistant while Emma paints you or afterwards (allow time afterwards)
*          all add ons are applied with eyelash glue or liquid latex, by adding these elements you acknowledge you are not allergic to this product

To purchase add ons please select from main menu and add to cart

Eyelashes  $15
please advise what colour, thickness you prefer
Swarovski Crystals
$20      face
$30      arm
$40      back/décolletage
$50      torso
* please advise 2 preferred colours
$20      baby round (scattered or in one area)
$30  2 small ostrich (can be split and cut to suit your effect)
* please advise 2 preferred colours


Thursday 16th February          9.30pm - 11.30pm  OPENING NIGHT!
Friday 17th February              4pm - 10pm               
Saturday 18th February           10.15 -11.30am & 4pm - 11pm
Sunday 19th February             4pm - 10pm
Monday 20th February            5.30pm - 10pm
Tuesday 21st February            5.30pm - 10pm
Wednesday 22nd February       5.30pm - 10pm
Thursday 23rd February           not available (emma hack art prize lauch burnside village)
Friday 24th February                5.30pm - 11pm
Saturday 25th February            10.15am - 11.30am & 4pm - 11pm
Sunday 26th February             10.15am - 10pm


* Please arrive:          15mins prior to your session 

* Please note:             Due to the tight schedule, should you be late to a booking your time will be deducted if there is another booking afterwards.

* No refunds:             No refunds for no-shows, feel free to gift your session to a friend if you can’t make it!


Where am I painting?
What am I painting?
Inspiration notes?
Colour notes?
Add on notes?
Just go for it within the time frame?