Vanitas: Not Lost But Gone Before.  Julie Strawinski

Vanitas: Not Lost But Gone Before. Julie Strawinski

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Affordable Art Fair NYC details:
Oil on wood panel                        
gold gilded edge
19.6 x 19.6in

oil on wood panel
gold gilded edge 
50 x 50 cm

Artist Statement: 
Julie Strawinski is a South Australian visual Artist, specialising in oil painting, chosen for its brilliance, which enables her to make works with an inner glow.  Informed by the Dutch master paintings from the 16th and 17th century, Strawinski's Vanitas paintings explore this genre.

This new series of painted Vanitas ( Latin for Vanity ) depicting Memento Mori and other allegorial representations, communicate a message via the use of symbols, to depict the transitional stages of life. Each object having its own unique meaning, emphasises the emptiness and futility of worldly possessions. 

Strawinski creates her own narrative, using her collection of Antiquities to illustrate the fragilility and transcience of life. 

Symbols and their meanings: 
skull- memento mori message, the transience of life
hourglass- time is limited and passing 
diamonds and pearls- the temporary nature of riches
bubbles- ephemeral, moment in time
silk ribbon- rare and exclusive, vanity
dice- chance, 'lady luck'