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68 x 55 x 7cm
Epoxy Resin + Marble Powder + LED Light Panel + Timber Frame

The Woman:

Upon her are animals that walk, crawl or slither. Representing time from the prehistoric till the present. She is ‘Dawin’s Arc’. Life on earth.  A woman classically positioned like Eros or Anteros. 

She stance is standard throughout the classical.  One foot on ground with heal raised.  Like a muse or a winged victory, about to bestow the crown of empire.  A reward for land cleared, great cities built and populated.  For the industrious endeavours of all human endeavour.  A crown.  That jewel. The city of light. New York.  A city that sits on the bedrock of Manhattan.  Manhattan, that rock that once laid under a vast mountain range at the very centre of the supper continent Pangea.  That city that birthed the very first art deco sky scrapers.  That sits only just so recent, in the centre of the global economic world. 

The Man:

His position is reflective of the gothic style.  Cold & impoverished.  He kneels, as if in prayer, in a saint like poise. The folds of his cloths suggest a suit too large, or a body diminished.  Bear feet and the absence of shirt. Displaying the contours of skin over ribs.  A neck tie used as a belt.

Empty eye slits neither closed nor open.  Looking neither inwards, nor outwards.  Mouth slightly open, in a-gasp. hands raised as if holding a mood, a feeling, an awareness of something perhaps that has been lost.  Or perhaps slipping between the fingers of his oversized hands. Amplify what one does not hold. This is an illustration of poverty and despair. 

With haloed saint like head.  Or a face on a coin with the words  ‘ET IN HORTO EDENIS’ - ‘IN A GARDEN OF EDEN’  The price paid for paradise.  Never before in human existence has so much been available at the cost of so much. Is paradise slipping through our finger?

Many flemish like figures, like many Adams & Eves pursue one another with naked ambition.  A timeless pursuit, practised by all animals great and small. There are no other creatures in this forrest.  No animals, no foliage, no plants.  In fact, the trees could well be marble columns devoid of all other life.  All available space is occupied by these Bruegel, like figures. 

Animals from bottom to top

The Gharial, an Indian crocodile now endangered in its native rivers.  The long extinct mammal like reptile Dimetrodon. Another long extinct animal, the dinosaur Eustreptospondylus.  The Australian Quoll that has disappeared in most of its native arias due to human activities.  The Mammoth also believed to have disappeared due to human activity.  A Tarsier who's Borneo forrest are disappearing due to its rainforest homes being displaced with palm plantations. The Python rest almost affectionately on her arm like the serpent from the garden.  On her chest are two platypus.  Being monotremes, themselves not having breasts or nipples.  The pangolin is now listed as endangered due to it’s scales being sought after for Chinese medicine, its flesh as illegal bush meat or captivity as a sought after fascination.