Claudia Gulino - Subjectivism

Claudia Gulino - Subjectivism

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Claudia Gulino

A triptych of recycled skateboard decks, donated by skaters from around South Australia. Decks endured meticulous sanding to reveal raw, unmolested timber. A hot iron was used to solidify the designs on the sanded surfaces, followed by a coat of beeswax to finish. This body of work explores the artists subjective reality, expressed through elements of contemporary and historic artistic culture.
There is no predetermination in my work. It is candid, spontaneous, and selfish, and translates objective reality to reveal subjective truths. These truths are expressed through historic, and contemporary, cultural elements.

Title: Subjectivism
Dimensions: 73 x 81cm
Material: Recycled timber
Year: 2017
Price: $4500