EHAP 2017 Bernard Shore - Milky Way Over Robe

EHAP 2017 Bernard Shore - Milky Way Over Robe

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Bernard Shore

Artwork Statement

My artwork depicts a landscape featuring the amazing Milky Way in Robe South Australia which although real we often can't see it to this extent without using the camera as a tool. A balance between the real and the surreal.

Title: Milky Way Over Robe
Description: Taken at Robe, South Australia this photograph depicts the incredibly surreal nature of the Milky Way over the ocean late at night. The lighthouse down the coast painted the famous Obelisk with light helping to bring it out of the otherwise darker foreground. By exposing the Milky Way we have created the ultimate balance of the real and surreal.
Dimensions:105 x 58 cm
Material: Printed on Matte Pearl Paper
Year: 2016
Price: $800