EHAP 2017 Antonio Clemente -The Life Of Others

EHAP 2017 Antonio Clemente -The Life Of Others

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Antonio Clemente

Artwork Statement

The Life of Others #7 had its genesis in a recent trip to Vietnam. Sitting in a café that overlooked the bustling landscape of Hanoi, five minutes became a lifetime. I realised in that timeless place, that I was immersing myself in others’ imagined lives as a way of disconnecting aspects of my own selfhood. It was an imagined alternative, where I could place myself, and others, at will.

Title: The Life Of Others
Description: All the photographic images in the layered digital print are from my travels. Disassociation of context is achieved by using analogue and digital acts of collage. In this way, I am the mediator of others’ lives. Dimensions: 59.4 x 42cm
Material: Unique State Digital Print
Year: 2017
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