SALLY PARNIS - Bougainvillea

SALLY PARNIS - Bougainvillea

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Bougainvillea, 2016_
iPad finger painting on aluminium,
40cmx30cm plus frame

Sally Parnis is an Adelaide Artist. She graduated from Adelaide Central School of Art with Honours in 2009.

Since then she has exhibited regularly in both solo and group exhibitions. She works widely in the Visual art field, regularly delivering workshops, residencies and curatorial services in schools, community centres and Art studios.

She has recently joined the drawing Faculty at Adelaide Central School of Art and has served on their Academic Board and the Board of Governors at the School.

Sally has been a finalist in a number of prizes including the Doug Moran Portrait prize, The Fleurieu Water and Environment Prize and the SALA Contemporary Art Prize.

Sally is interested in the place of painting in the contemporary Art context. She has an enduring obsession with depicting the moving object, figure or light in static work and employing the formal opportunities that this seemingly impossible task provides to find new ways of painting and drawing.

The use of an iPad as a drawing and painting tool has become central to Sally’s practice and when she is not painting and drawing with conventional materials she is exploring the diverse ways digitally drawn images may be manipulated to make new Art forms.

Sally believes that a good Art practice is founded in regular drawing, and to this end she has a daily drawing blog, from which most of her studio work is informed.